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Anatolia Tile + Stone’s mission is to offer impeccable end-to-end service and provide the most innovative and reliable inventory in the tile industry.

Innovation comes from the deep-seeded knowledge of what came before and the vision to create what has yet to exist. At Anatolia, it starts with an idea, an inspiration and the ability to bring our vision to life.

Our goal is to be the industry leader in tile innovation and design, providing the highest quality products and the lowest cost through exceptional design, inventory management, logistical expertise and dedication to our customers.

Every product we bring to market has been designed in-house by our Creative Team. We are highly skilled at adapting to the needs of each individual factory partner to ensure that during the production process they execute the intricacies of every series. This allows us to capitalize on low cost manufacturing utilizing the latest production technology to produce creative designs.

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New Collections

Aspen HD Porcelain Tile
Providing an elegant hardwood look while conserving the Earth’s natural resources.
Aspen captures the refined nuances of the forest’s natural color pallet, highlighting the wood’s tonality and depth of character. Just as the woodworking process requires patience and attention to detail, the skill and artistry of the master carpenter comes to life through this man made product.

A seamless replication of hardwood flooring in a porcelain tile. A realistic texture emulating the rich detailed patterns of natural wood, but with the strength and durability to last in high traffic areas.
Download the Aspen Tech Sheet

Ceraforge HD Porcelain Tile
A contemporary line inspired by the urban landscape inspired by the gritty modern cityscape, Ceraforge represents the casual feel of contemporary design. Elements that define the style; a worn cement, oxidized metal, the florescence of an ancient stone all come together in this unique line.
Download the Ceraforge Tech Sheet

Form HD Porcelain Tile
Handmade cement tile look in a contemporary package. Form cement look porcelain tile delivers a bold splash of design character to any installation. Curated patterns and unique formats work together to inspire and achieve the aesthetic of a premium handmade collection.
Download the Form Tech Sheet

Industria HD Porcelain Tile
Industrial, worn, consumed, used, revived, reused, modern, the Industria series is all of these. A concrete design infused with the intricacies of individual aggregate, worn and weathered over time is the soul of this modern large format collection. Natural earthy tones present a palette that will marry any eclectic contemporary industrial style.

Linea Ceramic Wall Tile
The soft curvilinear form evokes a sleek, modern simplicity that is refined and almost aerodynamic. Linea’s design in a striking three-dimensional display contradicts the standard perception of ceramic tile. Creating the illusion of constant movement; The naturally inspired patterns offer a calm and relaxing atmosphere, from the living room to the board room.
Download the Linea Tech Sheet

A universal need for every bathroom installation, designers, installers and homeowners have been endlessly seeking a solution for finishing their bathroom tile installations. When installing a shower or tub surround there will ultimately be an area such as the shower curb, or wall where a field tile will need transitioned or capped. Designed specifically as a finish for shower curbs and doorway thresholds, we also created accessories such as shower benches and corner shelves.

The world’s most desired marbles, executed in porcelain. The perfect combination of simplicity and luxury can be found within the Mayfair Series. Mayfair’s timeless aesthetic offers natural stone-like variations and textures, ranging from classic to linear marble formations which are sophisticated yet versatile. The beauty and authenticity of Mayfair’s stunningly realistic patterns are a flawless reflection of the world’s richest marble quarries. Designed using only premium hand picked stones, the beauty of this collection is is delivered through the technical achievements that showcase a high shade variation and exquisite surface.
Download the Mayfair Tech Sheet

A classic mid-century terrazzo reinvented for contemporary spaces. As with every great renaissance comes reinvention, our new porcelain collection bridges the gap; modernizing the mid-century look with a contemporary pallet that will last forever. A collage of organically shaped segments deliver the aesthetic, the texture and the tonality that defined an era.
Download the Station Tech Sheet


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