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Preverco’s hardwood flooring products are sourced, designed and manufactured in Canada. Know what you buy: Canadian hardwood floors are ethically sourced and made, featuring uncompromising quality and safe materials. Rest easy by choosing a Canadian manufacturer you can trust.

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The essence of your hardwood floor begins here

When you are searching for a new hardwood floor, you want it to look just right. You know, that vision that keeps popping up in your mind…

Whether you’ve been inspired by an image in a magazine, TV or on social media—or are wondering how to create that look, Preverco has an impressive selection of wood species for your wood flooring that ranges from rustic to elegant to ultra-contemporary. We’ll help you get carried away by your imagination.

Red Oak

Red Oak, recognized for its hardness and shock resistance, exudes elegance with its unique, open and coarse grain, and its spectacular pattern.
NATURAL COLOUR: Varies from light pink to dark reddish brown
GRAIN: Open, coarse grain; porous areas.

Hard Maple

Maple, both majestic and versatile, offers excellent manufacturing properties. This wood features a closed and uniform grain, and its annual growth rings remain fairly visible.
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is ivory-white with a hint of reddish brown. Heartwood ranges from pale gray-brown to dark brown.
GRAIN: Grain is closed and uniform. Wood sawn tangentially reveals annual growth rings, seen as brown lines

Yellow Birch

The natural colours of yellow birch lend it unique charm. Yellow birch has a grain that is similar to maple’s and is highly sought after in furniture and flooring.
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is whitish, pale yellow or light reddish brown. Heartwood (duramen) can be light brown, dark brown or reddish brown.
GRAIN: Grain is similar to that of maple.


Ash, with its exceptional hardness, boasts superior characteristics compared to other hardwood species. It is straight-grained with highly visible annual growth rings.
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is creamy white. Heartwood (duramen) can range from light to dark brown.
GRAIN: Annual growth rings are clearly visible (wood with porous areas). Grain is straight and coarse. It looks a lot like oak, but crisper and sharper.


Walnut has a fine, mostly straight grain that sometimes displays attractive and decorative figures. This species can be treated to achieve a specific and unique character.
NATURAL COLOUR: Heartwood (duramen) ranges from light to dark rich brown. Sapwood is almost creamy white. Natural colour of this species will typically become lighter brown when exposed to light (patina).
GRAIN: Fine grain with sparse pores. Grain is normally straight, though sometimes with attractive irregularities that can be used decoratively.


A natural beauty, originally from the forests of North America and also known as Pecan, is particularly strong, durable and stiff.
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is white tinged with brown. Heartwood ranges from light chestnut brown to reddish.
GRAIN: Somewhat coarse. The grain is usually straight but may also be wavy. Knots in hickory accentuate its natural character.

White Oak

White oak stands out for its resistance and beauty. Its annual growth rings produce a cathedral pattern, which is highly prized by architects and designers alike.
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is light coloured. Heartwood ranges from light to dark chestnut brown.
GRAIN: Medium to coarse open grain. With a tangential cut, visible grain is two to three times longer than that in red oak. Tangential cut: annual growth rings form a very popular cathedral grain pattern.

Rift & Quarter White Oak

White oak stands out for its resistance and beauty. The radial cut brings out the linear appearance of the wood grain and creates a streamlined, trendy decor. Preverco uses lumber cut using the modern quartersawing method (also referred as true quartersawn), resulting in a mix of quartersawn and rift sawn boards (rift & quarter).
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is light coloured. Heartwood ranges from light to dark chestnut brown.
GRAIN: Medium to coarse open grain. Radial cut (quartersawn and Rift & Quarter): emphasizes the straightness of the wood grain.


Originally from tropical Africa, Sapele is similar to Mahogany. Its colour stays rich over time and is great for flooring.
NATURAL COLOUR: Sapwood is white or pale yellow. Heartwood is pink when just cut, but becomes brown-red with time. Natural colour of this species will typically become darker when exposed to light (patina).
GRAIN: Grain is fine and wavy.


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