Bellera Collection

by Shaw

Available in 12 styles, this carpet is built to last. No surprises. No worries.
Lead the Way (16 colors) is a stunning style that combines two design components for a truly unique floor. A timeless herringbone pattern and pronounced columns that highlight the differences in color. Available in color combinations of warm and cool neutrals ranging from dramatic to subtle.
Just a Hint is touchably soft, an effortless style with earthy colors in warm and cool. Provides a tonal effect as lustrous accent colors work together for depth and dimension. Designed to easily coordinate with existing hard surfaces.
Obvious Choice is inspired by organic patterning found in nature, like peeling bark. The perfect balance of contrast and softness. Available in colors ranging from neutral to gray to bold pops of color.
Diamonds Forever is a best-selling option. Classic diamond pattern is balanced, bold and available in an balanced neutrals and accent colors. A great way to experiment with large-scale pattern. No matter how you style it, this carpet begs to be noticed.
Points of Color is a classic style. Coordinates with existing finishes and furniture by blending multiple colors to help pick up the existing colors for a well-matched space. Stylish, soft and visually balanced – a great way to create welcoming appeal.
Make Your Mark is an organic and deconstructed. Inspired by timeworn fabrics and the natural patina of aging metals. Abstract pattern adds interest. A versatile palette with a modern selection of neutrals and accent colors.
Basic Rules is a casual, traditional vibe for a solid carpet. Cozy, comfortable and with a timeless, neutral palette.
Outside the Lines is a stunning organic, linear visual. Combines two levels of luster for the appearance of velvet striation. A soft palette of subtle colors provides a sense of polished refinement.
Perpetual is a super plush and high luster, Perpetual is a casual take on traditional styling. Available in nature-inspired colors with key accents. An infusion of high-contrast fleck creates interest.

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Collection: BELLERA
Fiber Brand: 100% ANSO® NYLON
Width: 12 Ft
Style Type: Pattern and Texture
Face Weight (oz/sq.yd.):

  • Lead the Way: 40.90
  • Just a Hint I: 43.90
  • Just a Hint II: 58.50
  • Obvious Choice: 39.00
  • Diamonds Forever: 39.00
  • Points of Color I: 43.90
  • Points of Color II: 58.50
  • Make Your Mark: 40.90
  • Basic rules: 58.50
  • Outside the Lines: 39.00
  • Perpetual I: 43.90
  • Perpetual II: 58.50

Stain Treatment: R2X
Backing: Lifeguard
Made In The USA: Yes



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